At the C2 Careers Hack you will get a chance to meet with representatives from firms that have traditionally had male-dominated teams. They will present to you about their challenges in attracting and maintaining a gender diverse workplace at the event. Where possible, we will share information from those firms about the areas where companies have struggled to attract or retain women in their teams, or where women have an opportunity to have real impact on the future direction of the company. We will drop those resources here ahead of the event.

In the meantime, feel free to look over the canvases we will work on in teams at the event. You will only work on one of these canvases – the company will choose which canvas they prefer. The canvas will be used to build a 3 month polan to address one or more of the issues raised by those companies. And when you’ve built your canvas in teams, you’ll present back to the companies. They will assess the solution, and you might just win an internship or mentoring with the organisation to help bring your ideas to life! And you might even win a cash prize!